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Tadmor First Degree

On the evening of November 11, 2016, Hail to our Veterans, Tadmor Lodge #923 has graced our Queens District with three (3) new Brother Entered Apprentices, for which we all salute them. W Robert Cardenas was in the East and did a truly wonderful presentation of the Degree.

The evening went along very well and the new Brother Entered Apprentices know that they are a part of something GREAT! I was impressed with the Craftsmanship by which they held the Degree. They all knew that the Degree was for not only these new Candidates but, for themselves as well. Eventually the new Entered Apprentices will get to know and understand all of the symbols that Masonry uses and they will see that Masonry has been around them for their whole life.

They have much to learn but, I believe they will get through it all and become True Brothers of the Queens District. We thank you Brothers for joining Tadmor Lodge #923 and want you to know all of the Brothers of the Queens District salute you and if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to contact any one of us. Thank you Brothers of Tadmor for putting on a such great Degree and thank you Brothers for joining Masonry, now your work begins!

W Nicholas V Isabella


Queens District Historian



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