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 ·       Seventy-Three Brothers attended - 29 were from out of the District and 7 Brothers under 40. We need more young Brothers from the District to attend - Masters have to push and act as envoys

 ·       Overall, the ratings for the Keynote Address, Millennial Generation Presentation, Grand Master's Address were 5s.

 ·       The DGM Remarks average rating were slightly lower than 5 due to the shortness of his speech.

 ·       Everyone who responded thought the Breakout session was a 5 or better. Comments included: (1) best breakout ever attended, great exchange of ideas, hearing from different Brothers provides a wider view of topics; (2) Small groups and everyone equal participation in open discussions is great; (3) specific concrete ideas/problems and solutions were discussed; (4) some thought the groups should be larger 10 to 12 - consider holding to five breakout groups; and (5) definitely hold breakout sessions next year - some subjects to be considered

 ·        Subjects for QUEST XXXVIII: (1) Esoteric ideas; (2) How do we get the Masonic word out; (3) Communication; (4) Membership Growth - how do we engage newer Brothers and how to keep Brothers active; (5) Provide commentary on what successful Lodges do - possibly R\W\Rich Friedman as keynote speaker; (6) Provide techniques used by the NorthStar Program; and (7) Parallels Between the Marine Corp and Freemasonry - Brother Herbert Nichols, Jr. (wasn't available this year to deliver his speech)


·       Breakout Recorder Feedback/Key Ideas: (1) New Brothers must be encouraged to take part and be given an understanding and feeling of belonging by being encouraged to speak and take part in Lodge activities; (2) New members have constant stress by outside pressures and this is a major problem. The new members must/should be included in Lodge matters and activities and hopefully they will develop a maturing and become leaders; (3) Millennials (Gen Y) think differently from Baby Boomers and we have to adapt. We have to find out their interests and reach out to them; (4) We do not teach our Brothers; we remind them and lead by example; (4) We must work as a Team and implement the features of the NorthStar Program. If the Lodge cannot do what is needed the District should help - produce trainers after training the trainers; (5) District picnics and Christmas parties are a great way to bring the Brothers together; (6) Brothers in search of knowledge should join the Robert R Livingston library; (7) We all need behavioral learning. We need to understand our "Way of Life." We need to understand the ritual via mentors in our Lodges - need to understand the meaning behind the words; (8) What does "A Way of Life" mean to you: Beliefs; Values; Ethics; Code of behavior; (9) The word Brother makes us members of a large family in which we care about another. We must display these values to a new Brother as well as to old Brothers; (10) If we act like Brothers to one another in the Craft, let's show one another the same respect whether a neighbor or fellow worker; (11) Working and being sincere towards a new Brother is more than just saying hello. Get involved with him as a Mentor, meet him for coffee prior to or after the meeting. Let him rely on you, don't let him sit alone in Lodge or any Masonic gathering; (12) Work to make the ideals of Freemasonry supplemental to what we were taught in our homes. Let us each practice the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God; (13) Live according to Masonic Practices outside the Lodge and control ones desires in public by carrying out Masonic ideals to non-masons; (14) Bring Masonic tenants to non-masons; (15) The more senior members added that we are ambassadors of the craft and must remember the impression we make on non-masons as it might be their first interaction with Masons; (16)  Being a Mason and having Masonic emblems his car, he no screams obscenities or makes obscene gestures at other drivers; (17) Before joining the Fraternity the Brother never donated blood, he now helps with the Masonic Blood Bank and donates blood; (18) Brothers now give more (monetarily) to a greater number of charities and volunteer more of their time helping out: and (19) They think about the obligations they took at the altar and have adjusted their lives to the way they deal with Brothers in Masonry and people in their every day lives


Respectfully submitted,





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