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2016 RW Herman Weiss Award

Even though it was to be the largest full moon in a good number of years, Monday November 14, 2016 was a dark and dreary night, but, the Brotherhood inside Westbury Manor made up for the gloom outside. This evening was to honor VW Alan Schneider and W Adam Schoepflin with the RW Herman Weiss Award. 

As a few bright orange and yellow leaves floated by the windows we were asked to rise and honor our flag and country and gave thanks to all our veterans for their dedication and the hard work they gave to keep our country strong. 

After recognizing all our armed services, the officers of the Purple Circle were introduced. RW Stewart McCloud II was also thanked for his hard work on putting the Journal together. The Master’s of the Queens Lodges were then introduced and thanked for attending this event. Our host, RW Gregory Noulas, Master of Ceremonies, then thanked his mentor, RW James M. Tweedie.

We then all thanked the family of RW Herman Weiss for their participation in the Award and with carrying on this time-honored tradition.

R W Gregory then introduced VW Alan Schneider and W Adam Schoepflin who were escorted in with a Grand Applause! Both Brothers were then pinned by RW Gregory and thanked for their unending work in the District.

V W Alan Thanked the Purple Circle for choosing and presenting him with this Award. He also thanked all the Brothers of his Lodge and the District for coming out and for all the help he has received in the past, “This is what makes true Brotherhood”. He also praised W Adam for winning the award as well. For all their help and hard work, he thanked RW Spiro Triantafillis and RW Thomas Nazario our District Deputy and our Staff Officer. He said he is grateful for the Fellowship of Masons all around the world

W Adam Schoepflin thanked all his Masonic Brothers for their help and the Purple Circle for Recognizing his work. He also thanked his wife Liz for all her hard work and said that this Award is a Charge to Action which he will do his best to keep on working and helping within the District. 

There-upon we were served dinner, after which, the Grand Secretary, RW Paul Rosen spoke about living in Queens in the past and now. He said we all can learn a lesson from Noah, “Don’t miss the boat! And remember, we’re all in the same boat.” He told us to stay fit and not to listen to critics and to build your life on high ground, so when you are stressed you can lay back and float! Remember this, the Ark was built by an amateur and the Titanic was built by professionals!

The District Deputy RW Spiro Triantafilis was next to congratulate the dynamic duo, he also thanked everyone there for such a great turn out and told W Adam and VW Alan that the Grand Master sent his congratulations. The DD also thanked VW Alan for his work in helping his Lodge to being a Lodge to be admired in the District for all that they have been doing.

The DD also thanked W Adam for all for all the time he has put into the Craft and helping Brothers while keeping up with his wife, son, work, Volunteer Fire Department and many other things within his community. RW Spiro also said that both have become better men through their endeavors. 

RW Greg thanked everyone for coming and the Award Winners for all their help within the Masonic Community.

RW Jay Austin gave the Benediction, but the party continued into the night.

It is truly a wonderful sight to see Brothers that deserve awards receive them, keep up the good work Brothers and all the Brothers of the Queens District should follow in these Brother’s footsteps!


W Nick Isabella

Queens District Historian




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